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Boracay: is THE topspot for windsurfers, kitesurfers and beachlovers in Asia. And Surfers Home is the perfect place to spend your vacation, to jump from your bed on your board or just watch the kiters and find new friends from all over the world loving the same as we do! We can't wait to kite and to discover the Philippines and their lifestyle with you!
A shallow lagoon and constant winds, turquoiseblue warm water offer perfect conditions. If you don't kite, what are you waiting for. Try it with us or let us show you the island and some other island during daytrips. We help you to find your favourite activity on the island. There are always people around to hang out with in Surfers Home. Get inspired by the travel & kitestories of our guests and share your vacation with new friends.
Let us plan your vacation- ask us for a complete package: flight, inlandflight, accomodation. BOOK SECO ISLAND KITESAFARI- A TRIP NOT TO MISS WHEN ON BORACAY.
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Bring your kite equipment and store it for free. Enjoy our SUP Boards on Bulabog. Enjoy a massage or go diving or snorkeling. There is so much to do- it can not get boring
You find us on the famous kite & windsurfspot in Asia- Bulabog Beach/ Boracay. Our bungalows are 5 m away from the water. Boracays famous White Beach is a 5 minute walk.

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Seco Island Kitesafari: Robinson Adventure

Kite, kite, kite a lonely sandbank in the middle of the soutchinese sear. We take everything and stay overnight and cook on the bonfire and sleep in tents or under the stars and have loads of space for kiting in the lagoon. A trip of your lifetime- not to miss when on Boracay. Schedule: 6-8 November 2015, 20-22. November 2015, 4-6.December 2015, 26-28.December, 3.-5 January 2016, 15-17 January 2016, 29-31 January 2016, 5-7. February 2016,19-21. February 2016, 4-6 March 2016


Email us to info@surfershomeboracay.com to reserve your slot!


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