Discover kitesurfing[+]
This is a good introduction if you want to give kitesurfing a try and see how addicted you get.
Max. 4 students, Course duration: 2 hours in group or 1.5 hours single, 60 € (3000 PHP).
Start into your kiting career
The most popular option for beginners. You will learn all the basics of safety, kite set up, kite flying, bodydrag in all directions and start the most exciting part... Getting on the board and ride !!
Max. 4 students, course duration: 12 hours in group or 9 hours single / 2-3 days, 380 € (19000 PHP)
Advanced course[+]
Become an advanced kiter in 5 hrs! An experienced IKO instructor will guide you step by step and teach you how to ride upwind, change direction and even do your first jumps!
224 € with our gear (11200 PHP) or 170 € with your own gear (8400 PHP)
Private Lessons[+]
For a very fast progression curve, opt for private courses. Your IKO instructor will then be a personal coach guiding you step by step for a very personalized lesson. 56 € / hour with our gear (2800 PHP) or 45 € / hour with your own gear (2240 PHP)
In order to rent equipment you need to good control of the kite, you can do short rides and you know how to perform a self-rescue. We guarantee very recent kites for rental (almost exclusively the latest model of F-one). The rate is 90 € for a day rental of full gear (from 8am to 5.30pm). Discounted rate for a full week rental (7 days) at 360 Euro.

The storage fee includes a cell to put the customer’s gears, the use of our facilities (WC, shower, changing room, etc), the use of the compressor and the assistance of our beach boys for launching and landing the kite. 5 Euro per day

Discover with us the Philippines. We offer Daytrips, downwinders or 2 day overnight trips to Seco island, as well as 7 day catamaran-kitecruises or island hopping by kite in Palawan and Caramoanes.Check our trips here or ask us

Why should you book with us?

Our Goal

Fast learning success combined with loads of fun. Our lessons are taught by experienced  Instructors. We teach with the standard of IKO (International Kite Organization) and VDWS (Verband deutscher Wassersport Schulen).
At the end of the IKO courses you will receive an IKO card to justify your level. Once certified IKO level 2, you will be able to rent gear in any IKO center worldwide. The equipment is checked daily for your safety!
We guarantee:

ideal conditions to learn kitesurf
huge shallow lagoon and constant wind from November to April
experienced IKO instructors
free use of sunscreen
teaching on latest Kiteequipment
Downwindtrips and Safaris
private lessons



(Priced Per Person)